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If you are looking for nonsurgical procedure to help tighten up the skin near Alpharetta, you there are several treatment options available.  As you may already be aware, in our early 30s, our skin starts to lose its elasticity due to a gradual loss of elastin and collagen as we age.  Unfortunately, this process is an inevitable part of the aging process and can not be prevented.  However, with recent advancements in the field of cosmetic aesthetics, more and more treatment options are available that can help slow down the process and reverse the signs of premature aging.  An Alpharetta plasma pen treatment is one of those options.

At Ellemes Medical Spa, we’ve spent the past 10 years learning different ways to help patients tighten up unwanted skin sagging without having to require surgery.  Ever since we first opened our doors, we have focused on staying up to date on the latest and greatest aesthetic technologies to ensure our patients are getting the best possible treatment solutions.  Today, we are proud to say that we one of Georgia’s highest rated medical spas, and we are here to help you.  Let us give you a free skin consultation to talk about your concerns and discuss your options.  Call us at 470-222-6581 and get your free consultation today.

If I’m looking for skin tightening near Alpharetta, what should I do?

The first thing you should do before undergoing any skin treatment is to know you have options.  Most people are aware that there are surgical procedures that can help with skin tightening, such as a face lift or a brow lift. However, most are not aware that there are more non-surgical options today than ever before. In order to find the right procedure for you, there are a few things that your provider will take into consideration:

  • Your age and skin health
  • Your skin tone and skin type
  • The amount of downtime you are able to withstand

Obviously age is a key factor, as your skin will lose elasticity as you age which can make some treatment options better than others in achieving optimal results.  It’s not unusual that patients want to get the best treatment with the fastest results, but skin age and the skin health plays a key role in whether a less aggressive treatment option at first may be ideal.  Don’t let this worry you or discourage you, as there are several different methods that we have available to tighten loose skin.  At Ellemes Medical Spa, we will build you a personalized treatment plan customized to your skin condition and concerns.  We spend time getting to know you and your skin goals during our initial consultation and will keep an open line of communicate with you every step of the way until you reach your skin care goals.

Who is able to do plasma pen near Alpharetta?

In the City of Alpharetta, few spas have caught on to the growing popularity of the plasma pen as the technology is still fairly new.  Despite being a relatively new technology, the initial results have been outstanding and the popularity of the treatment continues to grow.  Given the treatment is still in its infant stage, it is important to know that the plasma pen can be a very aggressive treatment, and should only be performed by a licensed provider under the supervision of a medical practitioner.  At Ellemes Medical Spa, our esthetician was one of the first in Atlanta to have access to the plasma pen, and has been performing the treatment with excellent results under the supervision of a board-certified plastic surgeon.

How long do the results last from the plasma pen?

The skin tightening effects of a single plasma pen treatment can last for several years if done correctly.  We should note that, as you get older, the skin will continue to lose collagen and elasticity, so periodic treatments may be required to maintain ideal results.

Can I go to work after a plasma pen treatment?

The plasma pen is a very aggressive treatment and causes several wounds on the skin.  Most people will not feel comfortable going back to work until the wounds have fully healed, which may take up to 5 to 14 days after the treatment is completed depending on the healing rate of the patient.  It is common for the scabs to fall off around the 3rd or 4th day post-treatment and continue to get better after that. It is uncommon for the healing process to last longer than 2 weeks.

Can anyone have the plasma pen near Alpharetta?

No.  Not all patients will be candidates for this procedure.  Given the aggressiveness of this treatment, our providers will make sure to thoroughly review the patent’s skin prior to recommending this procedure as a treatment option.  Some factors that could be disqualifying factors include the following:

  • Darker skin tones
  • Poor skin health

Unfortunately, at this time we do not recommend the plasma pen for dark skin tones.  This is due to the fact that olive or black skin is more prone to hyperpigmentation.  Given the treatment can be very aggressive to the treatment area, the treatment could cause lasting pigment which is why this treatment is not recommended for darker skin tones.

What will a Alpharetta plasma treatment cost me?

At Ellemes Medical Spa, our policy is to not charge anything for the first skin analysis that way we can ensure you are a good candidate for this procedure first.  This means your initial consultation is free, and you won’t be charged any out of pocket fees.  If you are a considered a candidate for this treatment, the cost will depend on the size of the treatment area and how many areas are treated.  The cost can vary from as low as $350 for a single treatment area.

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There are an increasing amount of spas who say they handle plasma pen treatments, but there aren’t so many who know how to safely perform them.  At Ellemes Medical Spa, we have been helping patients with non-surgical skin tightening procedures for over 10 years.  When you meet with us for a free consultation, we’ll go over your personalized situation and explain your benefits and options.  Call us at 470-222-6581 and get your FREE consultation today.

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