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Hi, I’m Lauren Siso, owner and esthetician at Ellemes Medical Spa in Atlanta, and I can’t wait to meet with you and nerd out about skincare!

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No matter what brings you here today, I am overjoyed that you have stopped by to learn a little bit more about skincare and skin health! Overall, learning about everything new that has been going on with skincare and anti-aging has always been a huge passion of mine, especially as the industry continues to rapidly evolve over the years.

As some people may tell you, I love sharing my knowledge base on all things skincare to anyone who is willing to listen, and sometimes to people who aren’t willing to listen lol.

So for those who are just meeting me for the first time, let me introduce myself. I have been practicing as a licensed esthetician and laser practitioner for over 10 years, with advanced training in some of the best and most popular skincare products and treatments in the Atlanta area.

Lauren Siso Best Esthetician Atlanta Ellemes Medical Spa Spa Room getting Treatment and smiling

I am highly experienced in working with people of all skin types, and I love to help people answer any of their questions on skincare concerns, and/or corrective or preventative skincare treatments.

In addition to Atlanta, I have worked in several other large metropolitan markets across the United States; such as Minneapolis, MN, Charleston, SC, San Francisco, CA, and Dallas, TX, and have worked and trained with some of the best skincare professionals, dermatologists and plastic surgeons in the country.

I am very confident, and passionate about the skincare industry and will nerd out for hours about all things skincare if you give me an opportunity!

Skincare is truly my passion in life, and I am so blessed to able to share my passion with my patients and help them achieve their skincare goals.

My patients are always given my 110% undivided attention once they walk through my office doors, and my goal is to gain your trust and to be preferred skincare provider.

I am very thorough with you in our appointments, and I hope that everyone who sees me can honestly say that they learned something new about skincare before they leave.

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