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If you are looking for nonsurgical skin treatments for black skin in Atlanta, you have probably at some point worried that your provider may be unfamiliar with the unique differences between darker and fairer skin. Darker skin is not only different because of color, but it also has differences based on the tendency towards more pronounced scarring, and a variety of skin diseases and concerns that are more uncommon to their lighter skinned counterparts.  Skin that is more darkly pigmented is not simply skin of a deeper shade than white, and can not be treated as such.  While searching for the best treatment options for your skin concerns, you’ll first need a medical provider in Atlanta with deep knowledge and experience working with dark skin to help you achieve your skin care goals.

At Ellemes Medical Spa, we’ve spent the past 10 years working with men and women of color with excellent results.  Ever since we were first established, we have invested in the latest and greatest technologies to ensure our black skin patients are getting the best possible treatment solutions safely.  We are now one of Atlanta’s highest rated medical spas, and we are here to help you.  Let us give you a free consultation to talk about your skin concerns and discuss your treatment options.  Call us at 470-222-6581 and get your free consultation today.

I have dark skin and am looking for skin specialist options near Atlanta, what should I do?

The first thing you should do before undergoing any skin treatment is to know your options.  Unfortunately, some treatment options may not be ideal for darker skinned patients, so it is important to know what treatment options are, and are not, available to you.  For example, there are certain treatments, like laser hair removal, that require specialized devices designed specific for darker skin tones.  Getting a treatment from a provider that does not use a one of these specialized devices will result in an ineffective treatment.  Further, getting treated by a provider without experience can result in using a device that can cause more pigmentation or dark spots on the skin if treated too aggressively, or not aggressively enough.  Be sure to ask your provider how each treatment they plan on performing will react with dark skin prior to getting a treatment completed.  Further, try to get insight into whether or not the provider has a thorough understanding of the particular needs and unique backgrounds for darker skin.

At Ellemes Medical Spa, we will build you a personalized treatment plan customized to your skin condition and concerns.  We spend time getting to know you and your skin goals during our initial consultation and will keep an open line of communicate with you every step of the way until you reach your best skin care goals.

What are the main differences to be aware of when treating dark skin?

There are many challenges when treating dark skin that make it unique.  Darker skin demands a different approach to treatment options, particularly for treatments such as laser hair removal, laser treatments, chemical peels, keratosis pilaris treatments, dark spot removal treatments, acne scar treatments, and skin lightening.  In comparison to white skin, black skin (and darker skin in general) has a thick, compact dermis.  Superficial blood vessels are also abundant, dilated, and rich in glycoproteins.  People of color also have extremely compact bundles of collagen and in greater numbers resting just below the epidermis.

Dark skin is also very prone to skin discoloration, often referred to as hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation, which is often the result of inflammation, injury, or dermatologic treatment.  Melasma, a common facial skin disorder that mostly involves sun-exposed areas, is also a skin condition commonly found in people of color.

Treatments for either lightening or darkening skin are numerous.  Darkly-colored skin requires more attention to care in moisturization, and also requires limits to UV exposure.  Exposure to the sun for people of color can lead to increased melanin production, resulting in uneven skin tone and pigmentation across the skin. In addition to the above, ethnic skin also is more prone to acne scarring and excessive scar formation, along with other common conditions such as acne or eczema.  All of these and more make treating dark skin more complicated, requiring a more specialized approach.

At Ellemes Medical Spa, our provider has been working with dark skin for over 10 years in Atlanta with excellent results and high reviews.  Further, all treatments at Ellemes Medical Spa are performed under the supervision of a board-certified plastic surgeon.

What will an Atlanta skin treatment cost me?

You will never pay anything up-front for a skin consultation with us in Atlanta.  At Ellemes Medical Spa, our policy is to not charge anything for the first skin analysis.  That means your consultation is free, and you won’t be charged any out of pocket fees.  Our provider will discuss with you the best treatment options for your specific skin concerns.  Based on your skin concerns and severity, the cost will depend on the size of the treatment area and how many areas are treated.

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There seems to be more and more spas popping up in the Atlanta area every day, but there aren’t so many who are knowledgeable on how to treat dark skin.  At Ellemes Medical Spa, we have been helping patients with black, dark, and/or African American skin reach their skin care goals for over 10 years.  When you meet with us for a free consultation, we’ll go over your unique personalized situation and explain your treatnent options.  Call us at 470-222-6581 and get your FREE consultation today.

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