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Top Sights to Visit in Atlanta, Georgia September 2023

Updated: January 19, 2022

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At ELLEMES Medical Spa, we sometimes have patients travel to us that are not from the city of Atlanta. If this is you, you may be wondering what additional attractions you can see while you are in town. 

Atlanta, Georgia is a city full of culture and history. There are so many places to visit in Atlanta, it can be hard to know where to start.

Here are some of the top places to visit in Atlanta:

Tourist Attractions Of Atlanta, Georgia

There’s a lot to do in Atlanta, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. If you are just visiting, here are some of the top attractions that you won’t want to miss:

#1. The Georgia Aquarium

It is a public aquarium in Atlanta. It’s home to many different species and thousands of animals. They have seven major galleries – all with water from 11 million U.S. gallons (42,000 m3). When it opened in 2005, it was then the biggest aquarium until 2012, when other places became bigger. The Georgia Aquarium is still the largest aquarium in North America and the Western Hemisphere.

#2. Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park

You can stop by Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park to learn about history. In this park, you can find where Martin Luther King was born and raised. You can also visit the Ebenezer Baptist Church, which was once a pastor for Martin Luther King. You will also see how Atlanta’s fire department started desegregation by visiting Fire Station No. 6. There are exhibits on civil rights and the D.R.E.A.M. Gallery at the visitor center with additional exhibits that tell more about M.L.K. Jr.’s life and work during that period.

#3. Atlanta’s Fox Theatre

The Fox Theatre is an essential landmark in the city of Atlanta. You do not need tickets to a show to go inside and see all of its pretty decorations. The theatre was designed by the Shriners, an organization that is part of the Masons. The design was based on two buildings in Egypt and Spain. Here you can learn more about this building’s history, including parts that are not seen when watching a show. Plus, there is Mighty Mo, which is one of the biggest theatre organs in the world!

#4. World of Coca-Cola

A chemist named Dr. John Pemberton had a headache, and he made something to make them go away. His friend put it in water and carbonic acid, and it became the world’s most popular drink. The World of Coca-Cola is about the history of Coca-Cola. It has things that will please people of all ages, like an exhibit called Scent Discovery which explores smells and tries to find their sources by testing your sense of smell.

#5. Center for Puppetry Arts

The Center for Puppetry Arts is a museum with puppets from all over the world. The gallery has puppets from China, Africa, and more. Learn about the various types of puppets and traditions they have in other countries.

Live shows, workshops, exhibits, and events are held here for everyone. Shows are made for teens and adults, and African folktales explore colors with music and puppets for younger audiences.

#6. Fernbank Museum of Natural History

Fernbank Museum of Natural History is a Georgia institution that opened its doors in 1992. One of the most eye-catching exhibits at this museum is huge dinosaur statues, as well as other life-sized and lifelike sculptures found throughout the facility’s collection!

#7. Centennial Olympic Park

When you walk into Centennial Olympic Park, a fantastic fountain with choreographed water spouts and colored lights set to music is the first thing that strikes you. This isn’t just any old dancing fountains—it was built for Georgia’s 1996 Summer Olympics! The most popular activity here, though, has nothing to do with sports or holidays. Instead, it all revolves around watching this wonderment of nature come alive as people watch their handiwork in action. It becomes known by many names such as “ring” because its design incorporates three circles symbolizing unity on earth ́n heaven among humanity.

#8. Ponce City Market

The Ponce City Market is a massive mixed-use facility featuring offices and education centers, among other things. The building’s roof also has an attraction in Skyline Park where visitors can play games like Skee-Ball or mini-golf while they’re there–and those who want to get up close could take some rides down slides from atop nine-mile station! Foodies should sign up for one of many tours that visit this market location; it’ll make your stomach growl even more than expected after hearing all about how good these restaurants are.

#9. Truist Park

Truist Park is the perfect spot for Baseball fans! With a stadium that seats up to 41,000 people and offers sweeping views of home plate from every seat on-site, you can’t miss out on watching your favorite MLB team. But don’t just watch games here- daily tours are available, so if history isn’t enough, then take one today. It will be worth drizzling through downtown Atlanta with an expert guide as they show off everything this historic park has to offer— Monument Garden displays a Historic dugout Press Box, among other stops. Afterward, head over to the Braves Clubhouse Store.

#10. SkyView Atlanta

SkyView Atlanta is a Ferris wheel that stands nearly 20 stories tall, featuring 42 air-conditioned gondolas. This large attraction offers spectacular views of the downtown skyline, and visitors can enjoy it while they ride or witness its impressive height from ground level!

Atlanta is a city full of life, with plenty to do and see. Whether you want to explore the local culture or experience something new, it’s worth adding these top sights in Atlanta to your bucket list! If you are planning on visiting this year, be sure not to miss out on these incredible attractions that make Atlanta genuinely unique.

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