Plasma Pen Fibroblast Treatment in Dunwoody, GA

If you are looking for non-surgical skin tightening in Dunwoody, GA, you have several treatment options.  As we age, our skin starts to slowly lose its elasticity and collagen product, resulting in sagging or loose skin.  Unfortunately, this process is an inevitable part of getting older and can not be prevented.  There are, however, treatment options available that can help slow down this process and boost collagen and elasticity of the skin.  A Dunwoody plasma pen fibroblast treatment is one of those treatment options.

At Ellemes Medical Spa, we’ve spent the past 10 years discovering ways to help patients tighten up lose or sagging skin.  Ever since we first opened, we have focused on staying on top of the latest and greatest skincare treatment technologies to ensure our patients are getting the best possible treatment solutions.  We are now one of Georgia’s highest rated medical spas, and we are here to join you on your skin care journey.  Let us give you a free skin consultation to talk with you about your skin concerns and discuss the options available to you.  Call us at 470-222-6581 and get a free skin consultation today.

If I’m looking for skin tightening in Dunwoody, what should I do?

The first thing you should do before undergoing any treatment is to learn what options you have available.  Although most people have heard about face lifts as a surgical option for skin tightening, there are actually several less drastic non-surgical options available as well.  In order to find the right procedure for you, your will sit down with you and learn more about your skin health, your skin history, and how much downtime you are able to withstand to determine if the plasma fibroblast treatment is right for you.

Obviously age is another major factor in determining if you are a good candidate, as in some instances surgery may be required to achieve the desired results.  Your skin care provider will let you know which treatment option is best for you during the initial consultation.

Who is able to perform the plasma pen fibroblast treatment in Dunwoody?

In the City of Dunwoody, a limited amount of spas have offer the plasma pen fibroblast treatment as the technology is still fairly new.  Despite being a relatively new technology, the initial results have been excellent and the popularity of the treatment continues to grow every day.  Given the treatment is still in its infant stage, it is important that your provider is aware of all the safety implications and can ensure the treatment is done safely and effectively.  At Ellemes Medical Spa, we were one of the first med spas to have access to the plasma pen fibroblast technology, and have been performing the treatment successfully with excellent results under the supervision of a board-certified plastic surgeon.

How long do the results last from the plasma pen?

Early results indicate that the skin tightening effects of a single plasma pen treatment can last for several years.  As you get older, the skin will continue to lose elasticity so regular treatment options may be required to maintain ideal results as you age.

Am I a candidate for the plasma pen in Dunwoody?

Not all patients will be candidates for this procedure.  Some factors that could be disqualifying factors include those with darker skin tones, or those who have less than ideal skin health. Unfortunately, at this time we do not recommend the plasma pen for darker skin tones.  This is due to the fact that darker skin tones are more prone to pigment.

What will a Dunwoody plasma treatment cost me?

You should never pay anything up-front for a plasma pen consultation.  At Ellemes Medical Spa, our policy is to not charge anything for the first skin analysis.  That means your consultation is free, and you won’t be charged any out of pocket fees.  If you are a considered a candidate for this treatment, the cost will depend on the size of the treatment area and how many areas are treated.  The cost can vary from as low as $350 for a single treatment area.

Talk to a Dunwoody Plasma Pen Provider for Free

There are a growing amount of spas who say they handle plasma pen treatments, but there aren’t so many who know how to safely perform them.  At Ellemes Medical Spa, we have been getting helping patients with skin tightening for over 10 years.  When you meet with us for a free consultation, we’ll go over your personalized situation and explain your options.  Call us at 470-222-6581 and get your FREE consultation today.

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