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Acne Facial Treatment in Atlanta

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At Ellemes Medical Spa in Atlanta, GA, we understand just how frustrating acne can be to adolescents and adults alike. Given not all cases of acne are treated equally, we offer highly customizable acne facials for patients currently suffering from active acne or scars from acne.

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What is an acne facial?

If you are battling skin break outs, an acne facial may be exactly what you are looking for. This facial treatment is intended to treat the underlying drivers of skin break outs and help get your skin glowing again! The treatment is highly customized depending on the severity of the acne being treated.

An acne facial differs from other facials as the treatment puts more emphasis on unclogging those blocked pores in the skin and extracting the dirt and debris from the skin. The extraction process includes clearing out dirt from the pores and is followed by a deep cleaning of the skin. This combination helps decrease the look and feel of skin inflammation and irritation on the skin.

The acne facial treatment helps diminish redness and aggravation, and helps the skin become clear again. In combination with a good skincare routine, future skin acne breakouts can be reduced significantly.

How long after an acne facial treatment until I see results?

You should begin to see results almost immediately after your first acne facial; however, multiple visits and regular maintenance is recommended for optimal results. Results may very depending on the severity of the breakouts being treated.

What should I look for before getting an acne facial in Atlanta?

When searching for the best place to receive an acne facial, it is important to find an experienced acne specialist who is knowledgeable about skincare and is very passionate about their work. At Ellemes Medical Spa, our skincare provider has over 10 years of experience performing a variety of skincare treatments on all different skin types, so you can rest assured your skin is in excellent hands with us!

Additional Acne Facial Atlanta FAQs

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