Will Dermaplaning Cause Hair To Grow Back Darker?

will dermaplaning cause hair to grow back darker atlanta medical spa

Will Dermaplaning Cause Hair To Grow Back Darker?

By now you’ve probably seen those satisfying dermaplaning videos on social media. While oh so satisfying, this does bring up the question frequently on whether the peach fuzz that was removed is permanently gone, or whether the peach fuzz will come back. And if so, won’t the hair just come back darker than before? Well don’t you worry, the answer to this question is a solid no.

Of all the dermaplaning frequently asked questions, this one is arguably the most common. After a dermaplaning treatment, your hair will grow back exactly the same color and thickness as it was previously. You will not have darker hair post-treatment as your hair follicle structure is not altered and will not change after this procedure.

So rest assured, your hair will not grow back darker post-dermaplaning, and you will enjoy much brighter and glowing skin after the procedure!

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