Back Acne Atlanta

What is back acne?

As the name implies, back acne refers to acne breakouts on your back and shoulders. You may find that back acne, sometimes referred to as “bacne”, can sometimes be more difficult to treat than facial acne. Help for treating embarrassing back acne is available at Ellemes Medical Spa in Atlanta, GA.
Back skin is tougher and thicker and with larger pores that contain thousands of active oil-producing sebaceous glands. Back acne is most prevalent in men due to the presence of hair along with several other factors.

Causes of back acne

There are many causes of back acne, but here are some of the most common culprits.
  • Personal Hygiene – If we do not shower daily, the build-up of oily skin becomes a problem. Oils can be transferred to towels, bed sheets and clothing, and when rubbing against the skin, can cause eruptions or lesions to occur.
  • Exercise – During exercise, clothing retains heat and sweat that irritate the skin. In that environment, bacteria forms resulting in back acne.
  • When the sebaceous glands produce excessive oil, pores and hair follicles become clogged, entrapping dead skin cells. The result is a bacterial attack, causing the skin to become inflamed and eruptions to occur.
woman with back acne

How to get rid of Back Acne?

Acne on the back can be a very annoying problem, especially during the summer months when women are wearing open dresses and guys are out by the pool. It is very undesired to have acne on the back, otherwise known as bacne.

So how do you get rid of bacne? Firstly, what you want to do if you have it is try some benzoyl peroxide cleansers. Benzoyl peroxide helps to decrease the inflammation.

You can also try some glycolic acid cleansers that work very well. There are also some topical clindamycin products that help to decrease the inflammation very quickly.

As far as in office treatments, you can schedule a Back Facial with Atlanta Esthetician Lauren Siso, or if you have a little more time than just a day or two you can try a back chemical peel.

For more severe cases, there are a variety of acne treatments out there, including oral antibiotics and a whole range of topical medicines, including retinoids, that help to decrease inflammation and kill bacteria that promote back acne.

Lastly, the most basic of things to keep in mind is shower the area. Wash it off and maybe take one to two showers a day and wear loose-fitting clothing that’s made out of cotton. This allows the skin to breathe a little better and will make it make it a little more difficult for the bacteria to live.

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