Skin Scars Overview and Treatment Options

Scars on the Skin Overview

At Ellemes Medical Spa, Atlanta, GA we help our patients get rid of unwelcomed scars on their body. While completely harmless, scars do affect the appearance of the body which is why many people prefer that they be removed if possible.

woman pointing to skin scar on her stomach atlanta medical spa

Scar Treatment Options

Thankfully, there are several treatment options to help reduce and remove scars from the body. Some of the more popular treatment options for scars are listed below.

  • Chemical peels:

There are various types of chemical peels that can help reduce the appearance of scars. A chemical peel involves the chemical exfoliation of the layer of damaged skin. The peel then reveals the healthier layer of skin underneath.

  • Vivace Microneedling:

This procedure involves the use of Vivace radio frequency microneedling to help brighten the skin and reduce and eliminate scars.

  • Microneedling:

Similar to Vivace, this technology helps in fighting the appearance of scars. In this technique, microneedles are used to help eliminate the skin imperfections such as scars by helping promote collagen production.

Injuries and accidents can happen with anyone and anytime. The scars they leave have a huge impact on your self confidence.

Here at Ellemes Medical Spa, Atlanta, we not only counsel our patients but also give them suitable options depending upon their condition. Contact us today and we can come up with a treatment plan based on your skin type and skin goals.

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