Overview of Vitamin A in Skincare

Overview of Vitamin A in Skincare

Hey guys, so I’m here today talking about another one of my favorite ingredients which is going to be vitamin A.

Vitamin A is also known as retinol, and what it is going to do is it is actually going to be a topical that is going to build back our collagen.

What collagen does is it helps plump our fine lines and wrinkles. We lose our collagen all the time from sun exposure, stress, things we eat, all kinds of things that are constantly breaking it down.

We actually begin to no longer produce collagen starting in our late 20s into our early 30s, so that’s exactly what’s going to keep us young.

It also really helps with any type of cell turnover on a cellular level so anybody who gets those little tiny bumps underneath the skin, what your gonna see a lot of the times and the chin those little like whiteheads or blackheads it is amazing for that.

I absolutely love it as a patient who is acne prone and also trying to slow down that aging process as much as I can.

I absolutely love a good vitamin A, you’re going to use it at nighttime right after we wash tone and then we put our vitamin A on directly after.

We do want to make sure that we put any of our serums and our hydration right over that but it is game-changer.

That and vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin C are the two main components when it comes to preserving and preventing aging skin and building it back.

So if you guys have any questions some of my favorites I love the Obagi Tretton gel, it contains a hyaluronic acid so it’s not too drying to the skin, because a lot of retinol can be very very drying, so you don’t really want too much of that redness flaking and you have to figure out exactly how often you can use it.

People are like oh I can’t use retinol I must be allergic to it. You may just be able to use it once a week. I’ve been using it for probably about six years and I still can only use mine every other night or else that makes me dry red and flaky. So again, great thing you only use at nighttime.

It actually sensitizes the skin if we use it during the day and also depletes with sunlight.

Thanks you again for joining me today in discussing Vitamin A, as always, reach out to me if you have any questions either through messaging my Instagram @esty_lauren, or come see me in person at Ellemes Medical Spa in Atlanta!

Lauren Siso

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