What is my skin type?

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The trick to caring for your skin is understanding the right products that work for your skin type. In order to do this, it’s important that you first know what your skin type is. Using cleansers or other products that aren’t developed specifically for your skin type can cause skin irritation and/or breakouts.

There are eight basic skin types: normal, oily, dry, dehydrated, combination, acne-prone, sensitive and mature. Each of these different skin types must be treated differently. Learn how to identify your skin type below.


Your skin is firm, with minimal fine lines and wrinkles. You don’t experience excess dryness or oiliness, and your skin can tolerate most ingredients. You don’t experience many breakouts, and your skin does not tend to react negatively when adding new products to your routine.


Your skin has a shine to it at most times during the day and may always appear to be glowing. Makeup and skincare products don’t always stay put like you’d want them to.


Dryness is caused by a lack of oil in the skin. Symptoms may include flakiness, itchiness, and cracks in the skin. You may find yourself constantly having to put moisturizer on to keep the skin to seal in the moisture.


Although sounding similar to dry skin, dehydrated skin is a different skin type and is characterized as the skin lacking water. Your skin may feel tight or show small fine lines. Make sure you are keeping your skin hydrated and drinking enough fluids throughout the day to help avoid dehydrated skin.


If you are dry in certain areas but oily in others, it’s likely that you have combination skin. It’s easily defined by an oily T-zone and a dry or normal skin on the rest of the face.


If you get frequent breakouts, your skin type is likely acne-prone. Your pores tend to clog easily, causing acne lesions such as blackheads or whiteheads to appear.


Your skin gets irritated easily and rashes easily. You may notice some stinging after using a skincare product or introducing a new skincare ingredient to your routine. You may notice patches of dry, flaky, or irritated skin.


You notice more dryness in certain areas and more sagging, dark spots, and dullness in the skin due to age. Cell turnover has begun to slow down and anti-aging products may be recommended in order to help boost the lost collagen production and elasticity that comes with aging.

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