What is ph balanced skincare?

Ph balanced skincare illustration

In today’s chart we tackle the importance of ph level when it comes to skincare and what it means when a product is “ph balanced”. The pH scale is a scale used to specify the acidity or alkalinity of an aqueous solution. This scale goes from 0 to 14, where the lower value indicates more acidic while higher values indicate more alkaline.

As a rule of thumb, the skin’s ideal pH is between 4.5 to 5.5, which is slightly acidic. Maintaining this pH means that you allow your acid mantle to function at its optimum ability. The skincare products you put on your skin can alter this pH level, which can cause a variety of skincare issues over time.

How does pH affect the skin?

When the skin is too alkaline, the skin becomes dry and sensitive. When it’s too acidic, it can cause excess oils and sensitivity that can lead to breakouts. It’s for this reason that its recommended that your skincare products be pH balanced or as close to pH balanced as possible. If you find yourself getting constant irritation or breakouts from using a skincare product, it may not be any one particular ingredient causing this, it could be that the ph balance of the formulation is either too high or too low.

What’s the ideal pH for skincare products?

The ideal pH for skincare products is typically between 4.5-5.5.

How do I test the pH of skincare products?

You can test the skincare products by using either ph test strips or by using a pH meter. At Ellemes Medical Spa, we actually offer pH testing for patient skincare products on site so that our patients can see for themselves what the pH level is for their current skincare routine.

Have a product you want tested? Bring it by and we will test it for you! Or you can shop from our skincare shop of clinically tested skincare products.

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