Why You Should Stop Using Bar Soap On Your Face

why you should not use bar soap on your face infographic

Bar soap has been around for generations. It is nothing more than a mix of oils, such as animal fats and vegetable oils, water, and an alkali. However, did you know that using bar soap on your face can actually be causing your skin to break out? Here are some reasons why you should avoid putting bar soap on your face:

Bar soaps can spike your skin’s ph level

This is one of the biggest issues with bar soap. The skin’s natural ph balance is somewhere between 4.5 – 5.5, and the skin does not respond well to products that are significantly outside of this range. Did you know that most bar soap ph balances are at 10 or greater? This is considered extremely alkaline and is well outside of the ideal ph balance range. Bar soaps can cause an imbalance to your skin’s natural pH level, damaging the acid mantle that protects the skin.

Bar soaps can cause skin dryness

Bar soaps can actually cause the skin to be overly dry and can strip the skin of its natural moisture. By causing the skin to dry, this can cause the skin to overproduce oils which can lead to more clogged pores and acne.

Bar soaps can cause skin inflammation

Another negative side effect of consistent bar soap is increased skin inflammation. This is caused because the skin’s acid mantle is compromised. This allows for unwanted damage being able to penetrate the skin’s surface.

Bar soaps can cause wrinkles and premature aging

As another side effect of excess drying of the skin, bar soaps can actually cause your skin to form more and deeper wrinkles. More frequent use of bar soaps can cause the skin to remain excessively dry, which can result in more fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.

What to use instead of bar soap

The good news is that there are a variety of options that can help keep the skin clean without having to use bar soap. We personally love these gentle cleansers that are clinically proven to help keep the skin clean and refreshed.

If you’d like for us to take a look and see which product may work best for your skin, we offer complimentary consultations! You can schedule your complimentary consultation online today, and we look forward to joining you on your skin care journey!

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