Why You Should Stop Using Pore Strips

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Pore strips have been very popular for a while now, but while they may be satisfying to watch, did you know they actually aren’t very good for your skin?

In fact, pore strips can actually make the skin more irritated and cause more dirt and debris to get into the pores. Here are some reasons why you should avoid pore strips:

Pore strips don’t actually remove the entire blackhead

Unfortunately, what you see with pore strips isn’t actually the entire blackhead being removed. Pore strips only remove the tops of the blackheads. The majority of the blackhead is still very much alive. In addition, the pore strips is actually removing some of the healthy skin cells as well, which is an unintended side-effect.

Pore strips can irritate, tear, and damage the skin

Pore strips are very aggressive to the skin, which it needs to be in order to have enough power to rip the tops of the blackheads out with. The strong adhesive on the pore strips is one of the main reasons that contributes to skin irritation and damage. The adhesive can tear the skin, resulting in larger pore size and also the appearance of acne scars. Lastly, pore strips can also cause spider veins and broken capillaries around the nose given their aggressive nature. This can be very expensive to fix, as only laser treatments can help fix broken capillaries.

What to use instead of pore strips?

If you want to get rid of blackheads the safe and effective way, you can do this with a good daily skincare routine and periodic in-office deep cleaning facials. We typically recommend a good deep cleaning HydraFacial once every 4 to 6 weeks in order to really keep the pores squeaky clean. If you’d like for us to take a look and see which treatment may work best for your skin, we offer complimentary consultations! You can schedule your complimentary consultation online today, and we look forward to joining you on your skin care journey!

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