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Is Dermaplaning Good for Your Skin

Updated: December 19, 2021

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Dermaplaning is a non-invasive exfoliating procedure that removes the top layer of dead skin cells, vellus hair, or peach fuzz.

The outcome is a smoother complexion with fewer visible pores and less frequent breakouts.

Is Dermaplaning Similar To Shaving?

Dermaplaning is a form of hair removal that uses a sharp blade to gently scrape away the top layer of skin cells and hair. This leaves the skin looking smoother and helps to remove any dead skin cells or debris.

Shaving, on the other hand, is a form of hair removal that uses a razor to cut the hair at the surface of the skin. Shaving can be used on any part of the body, including the face, and it is a quick and easy way to remove hair.

What Are The Side Effects Of Dermaplaning?

Most people who have dermaplaning done report few, if any, side effects. However, there are a few potential side effects of dermaplaning to be aware of. These include:

• Skin irritation – Some people may experience skin irritation or redness after having dermaplaning done. This is usually temporary and should go away within a few days.

• Bleeding – Dermaplaning can cause some minor bleeding, especially if the skin is already irritated or broken. If you experience any significant bleeding after dermaplaning, contact your doctor.

• Ingrown hairs – Dermaplaning can sometimes cause ingrown hairs to form. If this happens, use a gentle exfoliator on the area to help prevent more from developing.

What Are The Benefits Of Dermaplaning?

There are many benefits of dermaplaning, which is why it has become such a popular beauty treatment. Some of the benefits include:

1) Dermaplaning can help to improve skin tone and texture. It can also help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

2) Dermaplaning can help to remove dead skin cells and promote new cell growth. This can leave your skin looking brighter and younger.

3) Dermaplaning is a great way to remove peach fuzz from your face. This can make your makeup look smoother and more natural.

4) Dermaplaning is a safe and gentle treatment that is suitable for all skin types.

If you are looking for a way to improve the appearance of your skin, then dermaplaning may be the right treatment for you.

How Does Dermaplaning Work

Dermaplaning is done using a 10-gauge scalpel, which is a much thinner blade than those used for surgical procedures that require deeper incisions. An esthetician will hold the scalpel at a 45-degree angle and glide it over the skin to remove dead surface cells, vellus hair (peach fuzz), and other debris from atop the skin’s surface. This exfoliation technique can also be paired with HydraFacial for added benefits, as well as being performed in conjunction with a chemical peel.

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