Laser Hair Removal

A laser emits a light that is absorbed in the hair follicle. The light energy is converted to heat, which damages the sacs within the follicles that produce hairs. This damage inhibits future hair growth over a series of treatments 4-8 weeks apart.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a permanent solution to remove unwanted hairs by using laser technology. The laser targets pigmentation in the hair itself and penetrates beneath the skin to precisely destroy individual, active hair follicles. The laser targets only the hair, so the surrounding skin is not damaged in the process. Once the follicle is destroyed, the hair will not regrow.

Both men and women can benefit from laser hair removal. At Ellemes Medical Spa we provide safe, pain free, and effective laser hair removal treatments for both light and dark skin individuals. The ideal laser hair removal candidates should be in good health and have reasonable expectations for the treatment. Hair removal is a process that involves several treatments at intervals, and patients will need to commit to multiple sessions in order to get satisfactory results.

During the laser hair removal treatment, patients will need to wear eye protection. No anesthesia is required for laser hair removal treatments, but topical numbing cream may be applied depending on the sensitivity of the area being treated. The provider will target the treatment area in one-inch increments until all active hairs have been treated.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment


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