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Description: Looking for a facial that is truly tailored to your needs? ELLEMES’ medical-grade facials deep clean and revitalize your skin, targeting specific concerns like acne, skin dullness, and dehydration.

Our facials are performed by experienced medical professionals who use only the highest-quality products and techniques.

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Duration: From 45 – 60 min

Cost: From $165 – $215*

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common questions

A medical facial is a type of facial that uses medical-grade products and equipment. Medical facials are designed to address specific skin concerns, such as acne, wrinkles, or sun damage.

Medical facials can provide a variety of benefits, including:

-Improved skin texture and appearance

-Reduced wrinkles and fine lines

-Reduced acne lesions and scars

-Improved sun damage symptoms

-Smoother, softer skin

A facial may be right for you if you are experiencing any of the following skin concerns:


-Wrinkles or fine lines

-Sun damage

-Sagging skin

-Dull or tired-looking skin

That depends on your individual skin type and needs. Generally speaking, it is recommended to get a facial every 4-6 weeks. However, you may need to get them more or less frequently depending on your skin condition. Your esthetician can help you determine how often you should be getting facials.

Your first medical facial may vary depending on your specific needs, but you can expect the following steps:

-An evaluation of your skin type and concerns

-A cleansing of the skin

-The application of medical-grade products, such as peels, masks, or serums

-A final moisturizing treatment

You should avoid using any products that contain Retin-A, alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), or beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) for 48 hours before your appointment. If you have any questions about what skin care products you should be using before your facial, please contact your esthetician.

It is recommended to wait at least 2 hours after your facial before applying any products or makeup.

You may see some results after your first medical facial, but you will likely see the best results after a series of treatments. Talk to your esthetician about how many treatments you need to achieve your desired results.