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Should You Get an IPL Photofacial or Microneedling? – September 2023

Updated: October 9, 2022

Why IPL Photofacial is the Better Choice for Your Skin

If you’re considering whether to get an IPL photofacial or microneedling, you may be wondering which one is right for you. Both procedures have their benefits, but if you’re looking for a procedure that will leave your skin looking its best, IPL photofacial is the way to go. Here’s why:

IPL Photofacial is More Effective at Treating Melasma

If you’re concerned about dark spots or uneven skin tone, IPL photofacial is a better choice than microneedling. That’s because IPL photofacial uses intense pulses of light to target and break up the melanin that causes dark spots. Microneedling, on the other hand, promotes collagen production, which can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles—but it’s not as effective at treating melasma.

IPL Photofacial has Fewer Side Effects than Microneedling

Both IPL photofacial and microneedling are considered safe procedures with minimal side effects. However, side effects from an IPL photofacial are typically milder than those associated with microneedling. That’s because the intensity of the light used in an IPL photofacial is lower than that of the needles used in microneedling. As a result, side effects from an IPL photofacial—such as redness, swelling, and itching—tend to be mild and temporary. Microneedling side effects, on the other hand, can include bleeding, bruising, and even infection.

IPL Photofacial is Less Invasive than Microneedling

If you’re looking for a less invasive option, IPL photofacial is the way to go. That’s because it uses light instead of needles to improve your skin’s appearance. And because it’s less invasive, it also has a shorter recovery time than microneedling—so you can get back to your regular routine shortly after your procedure.


Both IPL photofacials and microneedling can improve your skin’s appearance. But if you’re looking for a treatment that’s more effective at treating dark spots and uneven skin tone, has fewer side effects, and is less invasive—then IPL photofacial is the way to go. To learn more about how an IPL photofacial can benefit you, contact us today!

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