Vivace RF Microneedling

Vivace in Atlanta

At Ellemes Medical Spa in Atlanta, GA, we specialize in the rapidly popular Vivace RF Microneedling treatment to help smooth skin texture and rejuvenate the skin.

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We all aim to age gracefully, beautifully and elegantly; however, inevitably, fine lines and wrinkles will eventually set in. The good news is that there are treatments available to help slow the aging process. One of the fastest growing treatments to help turn back the hands of time is the Vivace RF Microneedling treatment.

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What is your main skin concern?
What is your main skin concern?
What is your main skin concern?

What is Vivace?

Vivace Radio Frequency (RF) Microneedling is a very popular skin treatment in the Atlanta area as it brings all the benefits of microneedling with the added benefits of radio frequency therapy.

The Vivace is FDA-cleared for your safety. This minimally-invasive treatment uses radio frequency to help stimulate the natural production of collagen, which is shown to be effective in alleviating facial wrinkles, fine lines, and skin tightening and toning the face, neck, hands, and body.

The Vivace treament is virtually pain free, and the results can be seen immediately after the treatment with additional improvements seen over time.

Who can benefit from a Vivace treatment?

Anyone looking for a non-invasive treatment to help with the following skin concerns is an excellent candidate for Vivace.

  • Alleviate Wrinkles & Fine Lines
  • Tighten Skin
  • Reduce Acne Scars
  • Minimize Pore Size
  • Improve Skin Tone & Texture

What should I look for before getting a Vivace treatment in Atlanta?

When searching for the best place to receive a Vivace treatment, it is important to find an experienced,  licensed esthetician who is knowledgeable about skincare and is very passionate about their work. At Ellemes Medical Spa, our skincare provider has over 10 years of experience performing a variety of skincare treatments on all different skin types, so you can rest assured your skin is in excellent hands with us!

Additional Vivace Atlanta FAQs

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