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What a Chemical Peel Can Do for Your Stubborn Acne Scars

Updated: February 6, 2023

Chemical Peel

Chemical PeelIt’s a Monday morning, and you wake up to find the mirror looking back at your face. You notice some features that are not so great about yourself, but nothing more can be done- right? Well, if this sounds like something familiar for anyone else who looks in their reflection every day, then think again because ELLEMES™ Medical Spa knows how important skin care is! That’s why we offer chemical peels which will reveal radiant skin within weeks of treatment; all without having many side effects or risks associated with surgery elsewhere on our bodies.

What Is a Chemical Peel?

Chemical peels are a must-have for anyone looking to get rid of their acne permanently. Chemical exfoliants work on the outside, but chemical peel treatments go one step further by removing skin cells and making way for newer, healthier ones to give you clearer skies below!

The professional esthetician applying this treatment will numb your face or hands wherever they use it. Hence, there’s no pain associated with getting a great result from these powerful acids – which only lasts about five minutes per session. Most people don’t want more than two applications at home each week because sensitivity issues depend on who performed them. Chemical face peels do not work on everyone, but for those looking to get rid of your scars like acne pimples, look no further than the professionals at ELLEMES™ Medical Spa.

Different Types of Peels

If you’re looking to remove just the outer layers of your skin, light peels don’t require an anesthetic. These can be done more often. Use glycolic or salicylic acid – depending on what type they determine would work best for someone’s needs! More intense medium-level chemical treatments may also call for painkillers but allow trichloroacetic acid and other ingredients like glycolic-based acids. These give more potent effects than those at lower concentrations. So it might take longer before seeing results from them, though, since their strength has been toned down for use on the face.

In addition, more intense levels of chemical peels require a full anesthetic to be applied to give out their full effect – which is excellent because it means no pain whatsoever from applying this solution! Then there are even stronger solutions that can only be given by a dermatologist and involve stronger acids that can be used without numbing shots beforehand because of their strength. Chemical peels are generally safe, but it’s always good to have some painkillers on hand if there’s too much sensitivity after the fact!

The professionals at Ellemes Medical Spa can help determine your needs and aftercare instructions for various types of peels. There are light, medium-intensity chemical treatments that will brighten skin without being too harsh on it. In contrast, other more intense ones may be necessary in cases where deeper concerns need addressing, like acne or scarring from previous surgeries. The benefit is that there’s no surgery involved, so you avoid complications altogether!

Is a Chemical Peel a Good Option for You?

Peels are great for everyone who wants to give their skin an even duller, more dull complexion. However, if you’re on medication like Accutane and have severe allergic reactions, then I would reconsider this decision as it can cause scarring in those with sensitive skin. Types of blemishes may also be a concern depending on what they do to the skin. Hence, it’s good to be cautious when getting these.

Peel treatments vary greatly, so make sure that before going through with one particular type or brand, all your questions about how efficient the treatment will be answered first! Some people might not need any work done at all. In contrast, others may benefit significantly from the solutions presented, but make sure to give yourself a consultation before going through with it, or you might do more harm than good. Chemical peels are not generally dangerous, but they can be if not performed correctly, so always check with a professional first!

What Are the Benefits of a Peel?

Chemical exfoliation is great for achieving an even skin tone and texture, and this treatment includes peels that can do more than any luxury skincare product to improve your complexion! When you remove layers from the surface of our epidermis or dermis, it forces new cells into place – these are healthy without scarring-and they give us younger-looking flesh against fine lines/wrinkles, which will make us appear smoother in appearance overall because those newly created youthful elements will be there throughout all parts on our bodies where we use them most often: face, neck, hands, and chest.

The followings are what Chemical Peel can do to you and your skin:

Assist in Reducing Hyperpigmentation

The skin is the body’s largest organ and plays a vital role in protecting us from outside elements. Hyperpigmentation can happen when your natural pigmenting cells don’t work correctly, which leads to an increase of unwanted melanin (the substance responsible for giving you that burnished complexion). That’s why we want them gone; they make our features look darker than they should be! Luckily there are ways like glycolic or salicylic acid injections–both Alpha-Hydroxy Acid-containing medicines —to help remove this layer. So all those beautiful blues and greens show up naturally on their surface once again without any intervention needed by doctors’ knives.

Tackle Acne/Acne Scarring

Everyone wants to get rid of the acne that they’ve been dealing with for so long! Chemical peels can be used as a topical treatment to kill off yeast and bacteria on certain skin types, leading to acne in most cases. Acne scarring can cause us stress, and sometimes it may lead to low self-esteem. Chemical peels can improve the quality of your skin by stimulating collagen growth throughout the face, diminishing any fine lines or wrinkles that are present, and encouraging tighter pores so all kinds of bacteria can’t get in deep enough to cause damage.

Reducing Age Spots

Age spots happen to all of us and maybe the first sign that we’re getting older. They’ll likely come back again, but you can help prevent them from turning into a more severe issue with sunscreen – don’t forget about it!

Peels will eliminate those unsightly age spots filled out patches on your skin and give an even tone so they won’t stand out in photos anymore. However, these treatments aren’t perfect either. While light chemical peels do remove some signs of sun damage like freckles or wrinkles, there’s no way for them to stop future developments such as scarring caused by too much exposure to sunlight. So it’s essential to know the limits of chemical peel treatments.

Reduce Acne Scarring

Acne is a common problem, and even when we try our best to resist picking at those pesky pimples, they still manage to get beneath the surface. Acne can happen in many different ways; some people may experience purple-red spots due to their acne scars, while others will have indented or pitted-looking skin with raised keloids (which look like red bumps). Although chemical peels are perfect if you’re not on Accutane for your condition because it helps clean out dead cells from deep within pores without affecting collagen levels too much. This treatment does require maintenance, so don’t forget about applying sunscreen after having used one!

Minimize the Visibility of Sun-Damaged Skin

The sun is a very powerful source of energy that can damage your skin and cause premature aging. Sun-damaged skin can show brown spots or white patches on the surface of our skin due to an increase in dead cells from UV radiation exposure over time. Peels may help eliminate these problems by revealing healthier younger looking pinker natural color underneath after treatment with no harm to those already damaged areas! Chemical peels are an excellent at-home treatment. So you can always try this for yourself as well. Chemical peels remove the top layers of dead skin cells to improve your complexion and self-esteem.

Helps With Lines & Wrinkles

Fine wrinkles and lines are bound to show up on our skin as we age. Even from moving our face a lot in different expressions, you may see them appearing early in life – even before the time when they become more apparent with deep creases or Crow’s Feet! Light/Medium Peel is a fantastic way for people of all ages at any stage, including those who have not had much experience getting treatments like Botox because it does not involve any downtime whatsoever. This lets your natural beauty shine through instead while revealing healthy new cells that look smooth, just like a baby’s flawless complexion. Chemical peels can even help those who may have naturally oily skin, as the chemicals will remove any oil-covered cells and help control acne outbreaks by clearing pores of bacteria. Chemical Peels can clear out blackheads and prevent future blemishes from occurring on the surface of your skin too!

Drooping Skin Can Be Tightened

Chemical peels are a way to renew your skin, with regular exfoliation also helping keep the look young. Sagging will happen as we age, but the chemical peel can be used preventively or on old skins that have already sagged due to their lack of elasticity and collagen production over time, making them droop more than they would if left alone without this treatment. Chemical peels help tighten the skin to give it a more rejuvenated appearance. It can be used for all types of skin – even those with susceptible skin! They are nothing like waxing which can take away your outermost layer of protection.

Keeps Stubborn Acne Away

Acne is a tough condition to deal with, and many people turn towards medicine or surgery as their only option. However, there are ways that you can keep it at bay without having anything done about those angry red pimples on your skin; they may be stubborn but not impossible! Regular light peels work wonders because they kill off bacteria in pores and remove dead cells from the surface area, which prevents future breakouts by preventing clogs before they happen. Chemical peels can also help those who suffer from other skin conditions too such as eczema and psoriasis. Chemical treatments will not increase sensitivity to the sun, either, so you won’t have to worry about burning your face! Chemical Peels keep bacteria away and minimize perspiration through regular use.

Downsides of Chemical Peels

There are always potential side effects to any medical treatment, but fortunately, this is nothing too serious.

Glycolic peels are a much safer alternative to traditional skin treatments. They may have complications like crusting and hyperpigmentation. This usually resolves within eight months of treatment but can worsen in winter due to reduced sun exposure. The risks typically only last for 1-2 days after you’ve had your peel because it is so fast-acting. However, persistent redness or temporary hypopigmentation, both caused by our habits post-peel, are possible if precautions aren’t taken when outside exposed too long without sunscreen on hand!

Chemical Peel Atlanta

ELLEMES™ Medical Spa has been helping people in the Atlanta, Georgia, area resolve their skin problems for many years. If you want to get rid of stubborn acne scars without surgery or downtime, we encourage you to call us at 470-222-6581 and set up a consultation today. Our team of medical professionals will meet with you and review your options so that together can find an option that is right for you! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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