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How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last

Updated: December 19, 2021

Laser Hair Removal

There are many methods of hair removal on the market, but laser hair removal is one of the most popular. This treatment uses a laser to destroy the hair follicle.

The laser passes through the skin and is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle. This destroys the follicle and stops the hair from growing.

Laser hair removal is a popular treatment because it is relatively painless and provides long-term results. It can be used to remove hair from any area of the body, including the face, legs, arms, and bikini area.

The number of treatments depends on how much hair you want to be removed and where it is located on your body.

After each treatment, it takes time for the treated hairs to fall out, so there will be some regrowth between sessions. Once all of the targeted hairs are gone, maintenance appointments are usually scheduled every six months or as necessary because new hairs may grow over time.

How Long Does Hair Laser Removal Last?

After a series of laser hair removal treatments, the results of such procedures are considered semi-permanent. Maintenance appointments every six months or so are usually necessary to keep everything looking neat. 

Understanding the hair development pattern may aid in determining how long it will take for your hair to regrow.

Hair Growth Stages:

When hair is growing, it goes through four different phases of growth:

  • the growing phase, 
  • the transitional phase
  • the resting phase
  • the shedding phase

Laser hair removal only works during the growing phase. That is why it takes multiple treatments spaced apart to get rid of your unwanted stubble-causing follicles that are below skin level.

You’ll continue to see hair during laser treatments. However, over time any new growth should thin out and become finer than what you have now.

Laser Hair Removal in Atlanta, Georgia

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