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Microneedling For Ice Pick Scars: Does It Work? September 2023

Updated: April 19, 2023

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Microneedling is a common skin treatment procedure that uses microneedles to create tiny injuries on the skin. These microneedles can help build back collagen and skin elasticity as well as help with a variety of skin concerns.

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So, does microneedling help with ice pick scars?

In general, the answer is yes – microneedling may be an effective treatment for ice pick scars. In fact, in a study published in the Indian Journal of Dermatology, microneedling was found to be more effective than pulsed laser therapy for the treatment of ice pick scars. Note that while effective, given how deep ice pick scars may go below the surface of the skin, multiple treatments would likely be required for optimum results.

1. What are ice pick scars and what causes them?

Ice pick scars are small, deep scars that can look like tiny ice picks. They are caused by a number of different factors, including acne, chickenpox, and surgery.

2. How microneedling can help improve the appearance of ice pick scars

Microneedling is a popular treatment for acne scars, and it may also be effective for ice pick scars. Microneedling creates tiny injuries on the skin that can help to promote collagen production. This can help to soften and improve the appearance of scars over time.

3. How to prepare for a microneedling treatment session  for

Prior to your microneedling treatment session, you will need to prepare your skin. This includes:

– avoiding sun exposure

– avoiding the use of Retin-A and other acne medications

– using a gentle cleanser and moisturizer

By doing the above, you will ensure the most optimum results from your treatment.

4. What to expect during and after a microneedling treatment session

During your microneedling treatment session, your provider will provide a topical numbing cream to ensure minimal discomfort from the treatment. After the treatment is completed, you may also experience redness and swelling. These symptoms should dissipate within a few days. Following your treatment, you should keep your skin hydrated with a gentle moisturizer.

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