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Will Microneedling Affect My Botox?

By: Lauren Siso

Licensed Esthetician & Laser Practitioner at ELLEMES Medical Spa in Atlanta, GA.

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Microneedling is a popular collagen induction therapy treatment that helps treat a variety of skin issues. A frequent question we receive is whether microneedling is still effective when combined with Botox treatments. Let’s take a look at what the research says.

Will Microneedling Affect My Botox?

There is some concern that microneedling could make Botox less effective. One study found that there was a decrease in the effectiveness of Botox when it was combined with microneedling, but more research is needed to confirm this finding.

Overall, the research on this topic is inconclusive. More studies are needed to determine if there is a real difference in the effectiveness of Botox when it’s used with or without microneedling.

Given the inconclusive research, our providers at ELLEMES generally recommend microneedling be performed at least one week prior to Botox or at least two weeks following Botox in order to ensure maximum effectiveness between the two treatments.

If you’re considering both treatments, talk to your skincare provider to see if they think it would be a good idea for you.

If you have any other questions about microneedling or Botox, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We would be happy to help.

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